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DWON9Q7SUXUpdated time zone tables to reflect Russian 2014 time zone changes.
IFAY9QZGKGFixes issue where when a user attempts to add a private Google Calendar to their Lotus Notes Calendar, the error "Must be a calendar user to use...
NRBY9E4JJEWhen exporting an all day event from Notes as an ics file, the DTSTART and DTEND ical attributes are set incorrectly if the all day event was created...
IFAY9PMFDXFixes issue where the Notes Client refuses to launch after doing "Show Duplicate Calendar Entries". This is a regression in 9.0.1.
PALT9TULG9Adds the ability for Domino Calendar Services to dynamically pull events from the past
CCCZ9USM4XAddressed Chile calendar entries being off by 1 hour by doing the following: updated JVM to SR16FP4 containing tzdata2015d which rolled up...
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TTAN8YRHD9On windows platforms, when using an additional timezone within the calendar view (either the main calendar or the day at a glance calendar), the...
BKAN9QER3ZSince R6 the default behavior for iCalendar Decline messages coming into Notes has been to treat them as if the RSVP parameter was FALSE (the...
JKEY9T2L87Some non-Notes iCalendar clients do not support the COMMENTS property (e.g. Outlook). So any comments that the Notes chair sends on a notice or...
IFAY9T6L5UWhen sending calendar notices as iCal/Mime messages, the subject header of the MIME message will typically start with the word "Invitation:" or...
DSKG9RN4G7 Revert the X-ALT-DESC code with an ini to turn it back on (for NRBY8ZRKBJ), IcalReadXAltDesk=1. X-ALT-DESC was introduced to allow rich text to be...
Hide details for Calendaring & SchedulingCalendaring & Scheduling
KKOO9M2CEJFixes information of meeting subject in busytime not being updated if calendar entry was created by delegetee
FPAI9TDLAKFixes issue where the default timezone in the Notes Client is incorrect when running on a Russian localized windows operating...
JKEY9T5LRNFixes issue where the location field is blank in Outlook For an invite set from Notes. This fix is controlled by the new notes.ini:...
KKOI8TPK24Intermittent incorrect Domino Directory data can cause the Schedule Manager and Rooms and Resource tasks to shut down unexpectedly when in a...
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ADEE9KQBEWFixes Notes Client crash that occurs when the column text length is '0'.
VPEU9PRAM8Fixes issue where HTML format is not being created when pasting into a new mail in iNotes after copying as table from the Notes...
PSIH9CSH2XFix is added to avoid misleading failback log messages. Failover messages when failback is in progress are logged.
SHEZ9DCEWPClient - Fixed issue where the 'All Mail and Archives' search did not work when sever based archived policy was in place.
RCFE9K5TRJFixes Notes Client scaling issues with high screen resolutions
PBIT9FZJXKFixes issue where the dynamic configuration process, at the time of processing the desktop policy, always overwirtes the keyview.ini...
SDOE9QJAFBFixes intermittent Note Browser Plugin hang on IE8 if user hits exit on login screen.
SKAI9PPE8LFixes intermittent Notes Client crash during shutdown after upgrading 9.0.1 FP2
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PBAO9NKJ7HFixes screen issues seen on Notes 9.0.1 when using the recommended screen resolution on a Windows 8 machine with ultra high definition...
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